East Branch of the Rahway River

East Branch of the Rahway River Habitat Restoration
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LOCATION: South Orange, New Jersey
CLIENT: The Village of South Orange

The East Branch of the Rahway River was channelized by the Core of Engineers in the 1970’s to relieve the community from frequent flooding. Ed Hamm worked with the Village of South Orange to prepare a vision for rehabilitating the stream valley in ways that would both engage  the downtown with a mixed-use river walk, day-light buried portions of the river, and transform the remainder into an environmental and open space amenity that will continue to protect the community from flood hazards. The master plan recommendations included re-design of the embankment; riparian zone revitalization; and a system of walks, trails, bridges and landscape improvements that provide increased access to the river’s edge. The Master Plan led to the re-establishment of a riparian habitat along the phase one eastern portion of the river corridor. Hamm was involved with all phases from master plan, site design, grading and onsite installation of this unique restoration while with Rhodeside & Harwell. Project completed with Pennoni Associates Engineering and Biohabitats.