Ed Hamm

Ed is an owner and principal of Resilience Studio. He studied landscape architecture at the University of Florida College of Architecture and Fine Arts and earned his Master of Landscape Architecture degree at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Hamm has worked in senior positions for three nationally recognized design firms. On many award-winning projects, he has been the project designer and project manager. Before establishing Resilience Studio, Ed Hamm was an associate principal at Rhodeside & Harwell where he worked on significant projects such as Muir Woods National Monument, Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan,the National Aquarium in Baltimore and Cape May Public Realm Vision Plan. While with EDAW, Ed worked on the master plan for the Hotel district of Euro Disneyland outside of Paris. He designed the grounds for the Hotel New York as well as an intimate walled garden for a landmarked federal building in Virginia.

As a landscape architect, regional planner and urbanist Ed has years of experience in place-making, creating built projects, producing site master plans and developing vision plans for public realm projects. He has extensive skills delivering technical site plans, developing form-based zoning plans and gaining government approvals. Ed has worked with stakeholders on a diversity of challenging projects to successfully convey the project vision and gain consensus. For clients, Ed can bring a new level of confidence in a project by producing beautiful and convincing presentations.

In recent years Hamm has brought his land use, zoning, place making, ecological and analytical skills together to focus on planning for transportation systems and help communities adapt to issues of climate change. His work on the Hampton Roads Transit Vision Plan brought together eleven local jurisdictions in creating a comprehensive vision for rail, harbor ferry and bus transit. His long-term interest in working with large scale ecological habitats first developed as a planner in Florida in the late 1970′s and 80′s. His recent work on very large projects for the Federal government has led him to do specialized research in adapting our coastal communities to sea level rise, as can be seen in his work for Miami Beach. With a strong background in native plant habitats, and a training in tropical horticulture, he quickly understands the varying commercial plant material opportunities for different environments and projects sites.

For Ed, drawing is an essential part of the planning and design process. He has stayed on the computer as a associate principal, often training younger staff to sharpen their own computer skills and to better manipulate applications. Ed works creatively to intermix his skills at hand-drawing with AutoCAD, GIS, Illustrator and Photoshop. He has experience working with very large teams developing highly technical phased master plans in AutoCAD and can manage projects in a virtual environment. Ed feels that it is important to be artistically and analytically rigorous to create the types of plans we need to make our world more resilient to future uncertainties.