We design places to enhance their environmental, economic and cultural resilience. We are a WBE/DBE

  • Sustainable landscapes
  • Walkable, mixed-use, transit-ready communities
  • Adapting to climate change

At Resilience Studio we seek out inspiration from each site to help produce vibrant, resilient and memorable places and communities. We offer over twenty five years of professional experience in the fields of landscape architecture, urban design and urban planning.  We work at a variety of scales – from gardens, courtyards and plazas to the development of major new transit-oriented communities. We pay attention to details. We look at the big picture. To each private or public realm project we bring outstanding professional service, imagination and vision.

Environmental Resilience

When a place or a community enhances its environmental resiliency, it can more effectively manage its natural resources in balance with social, cultural and economic needs. An environmentally resilient place or community demonstrates an understanding of the importance of water quality, values ecological habitats, appreciates visual quality and is prepared for climate uncertainty. Our practice has strong knowledge of environmental, natural and visual resource management issues. We team with specialists in various fields to get the best available data and input. We approach the study, planning and design of a small private site or a regional public project with equal care and creative energy. We help places and communities negotiate the complexities of the environmental permitting process to achieve the best possible outcome. We have special skills and professional relationships for addressing climate uncertainties and adaptation to sea level rise. We can visually communicate and explain environmental and ecological issues, and show opportunities to instill greater resiliency in every community. We have a deep-rooted commitment to ecological sustainability.

Economic Resilience

A community achieves economic resilience by making places that stand the test of time and can support themselves through future economic cycles. At Resilience Studio, we work to improve the economic success and vitality of a place, town or region. We consider economic goals in relationship to environmental and cultural values. Our services include the planning and design of mixed-use walkable communities and neighborhoods that have proven economically resilient. We help build memorable, attractive landscapes that can handle heavy use.

Resilience Studio provides special skills guiding all scales of communities toward transit readiness, shifting from car dependence to greater use of public transportation. We help build transit corridors and develop associated urban infill projects. We plan and design complete streets to enable all members of a community to better connect with destinations, creating more vibrant, walkable neighborhoods.

Resilience Studio addresses a client’s spatial, building and development needs. We can communicate these qualities through graphic, written and numerical means.  We clearly express, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the issues and vision of a project.  We have years of experience leading community outreach. We team with innovative consultants in economic, engineering, transportation, code writing, tourism, marketing and other fields to bring the best ideas to the table to create livable and successful places.

Cultural Resilience

Around the world, countries have identified the health and quality of life of their communities, their citizens and their children as a growing concern.  Healthy communities and places are culturally resilient. Such places strive to improve the physical and mental well-being of all users and residents. A healthy community reduces the alienating impact of urban sprawl. In these communities there is a heightened level of civic involvement and easier access cultural pursuits, education, recreation and exercise.  Greater pleasure can be had in everyday activities. In culturally resilient places and communities, people can meet, make new associations, learn new things and feel a part of something. Walkable neighborhoods with high visual quality are desirable places to dwell and work for persons of all socio-economic levels and cultural backgrounds.

At  Resilience Studio, we have a love for “sense of place.” Understanding the intrinsic cultural, ecological and historic attributes of a place or region is fundamental to our planning and design process.  We listen to the aspirations of citizens, talk with local historians and work with professional historians and archeologists to make sure we have the insight we need. Celebrating the unique qualities of a place makes it more enjoyable. Such qualities enable a community to distinguish itself in the broader public landscape. At Resilience Studio, we help create culturally resilient places and communities.